👍Sweet Dessert Soup😋

How do you still enjoy “sweet” dessert soup on a healthy diet? 🤔

Well what I do now not put any form of sugar during cooking as my appetite and taste for sweetness has reset after all these 5+ months of cooking at home.👍

So I cook all the ingredients, that has its own sweetness like dates, goji berries and longans in water to allow all the natural sweetness be infused.😋

Then, when I want to drink it I scoop out a small bowl (in moderation) and taste it to determine the level of sweetness it already has. 😁 Only then do I add some coconut sugar (low G.I. version) or sweetener (stevia with erythritol) to make it sweet enough to satiate my appetite. So it doesn’t overloaded but is naturally tasty. 😉