2020🎉YEAH YEAH YEAH!! My Fitness level improved once again!!💪

Today 23 Jan 2020, I did my 4th check-in of my body composition measurement and health assessment with Active Health (under Active SG)!😄 At ActiveSG Woodlands Sports Centre Gym this morning.

My overall health / fitness score has improved (though slightly), to 68/100 from 64/100, 3 months ago in Oct and previously 60/100 in July.

My previous instructor, Boon wasn’t around so a new Fitness Instructor Ding Yifei aided me in my body composition measurement and given me tons of advice for my health and fitness level and also advised me to perhaps start the HIIT program, so will be meeting him next week twice to go through the new exercise regime. Exciting times!

So, in 3 months (between 9 Oct 2019 and 23 Jan 2020 ) I had:

  1. ✅Dropped 1.9 kg of body fat mass. Still plateauing thus expected that the fat loss will be slowing down and harder now to loss it.
  2. ✅Reduced 2.1% of body fats.
  3. ✅Skeletal muscle mass actually increased by 1.1kg, YES! In fact it was at my all time high!
  4. ✅Lost only 0.3 kg in total weight.
  5. ✅BMI dropped from 31.1 to now 30.9 kg/m2.
  6. ✅Visceral Fat level dropped from level 15 to 13, YES!! While visceral fat area dropped 9% from 151.2 to 137.5 YEAH YEAH !!
  7. ✅Basal Metabolic Rate also improved! From 1622 to 1658 kcal but still it is out of normal recommend range of (1829 – 2153). Still gotta keep improving!
  8. ✅My Bone mineral content also increased from 3.49 to 3.63, normal range should be (2.69 – 3.29).

All in all it is definitely an improvement!! 🙏 Of course still more work to do and continue to improve my strength and muscle mass to increase my metabolic rate as well as reduce my visceral fats to normal range too. 😄

Hope everyone also improve your health and fitness level! Let us all work towards better quality of life👍

For more information on the FREE! program check out: https://www.myactivesg.com/Active-Health/Assess/Fitness-and-Health

Also for more info on the inBody body composition results sheet: https://inbodyusa.com/general/result-sheet-interpretation/

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