😍Let’s Cook – roots veg into cake and mash… 😋

😍On this episode of [ Let’s Cook with Teelip ] – roots veg – into cake and mash.

Puréed carrots and sweet yams to make cakes and potatoes into yummy mash! 🤩

👍It’s healthier to use it to build the bulk of the cake with coconut flour and raisins / cranberries so all natural sweetness! Added sour cream, soy milk and butter, even some yeast as I wanted to test how it will affect the texture, it does have some leavening effect but not enough to counter the density of the roots veg purée, but still it has the slight bread chewiness in it. Eat it with home made chocolate butter cream! Delish 😋

Homage to my childhood 80s and it’s Stranger Things day!!

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Ikejime – humane way of killing fish 🐟

🤔What do you think?

I do love to eat fish 🐟 and this video shows a very enlightening method. In a way it is considered more humane as well. It just make sense to use the ikejime method, but at end of the day it’s often the battle of cost efficiency for the fishermen and sellers as well as us consumers if we are willing to pay more for it.🧐

👍Personally from my new understanding and meanings to my relationship with food — I rather pay more for better quality products and eat healthily rather than regret later if it affects my health which ends up in paying more in medications / treatments and the agony of illness / diseases.