I Am What I Eat

I Am What I Eat

The 2 photos was taken 4 months apart, lost 15 kg (33 lbs) from April to August of 2019. As of today, February 2020 I am at 89 kg (196 lbs), compared to when I was at my heaviest of 126 kg (277 lbs) back in 2017. I am still a work in progress…

For the past year, I have been on a diet and health transformation. The difference has been dramatic and mostly due to what I ate. Portion control, less carbohydrates, more vegetables / fruits, cutting off all snacks / junk foods and learnt to cook and bake my own meals with healthy, less processed ingredients. I did also exercised daily for improved fitness and overall well-being. But 2 years prior I had already slowly lost weight purely from my change in lifestyle and what I ate. Exercise only contributed to a few percentage of weight loss.

For me it’s not about the looks at all, but mental, internal and physical health. Way too many friends around me are getting lifestyle diseases and some had passed away, which triggered me to start this change for the better. I was on medication for hypertension, had fatty liver markers, slip discs surgery with 2 relapses, was easily sick, skin problems, etc… And all these issues improved tremendously ever since I became healthier, lighter, fitter.

My hope was to use myself as an example to encourage others to do the same for their own health sake before it becomes another case of “too little too late”. I want to promote body positivity, not shame the size or shape that we are, as everyone is different. For me had I not need to lose the weight to improve my back problem, I would have rather remained a big guy. But alas, it was a matter of health and statistically obesity is affecting lives and our society economically.

Oh I knew how that felt like…😜

Well I knew how that feels…and now looking through the other side of the mirror… damn !! 😝

The other day I feel weird suddenly when I sat in my friend car and was told to sit behind cause the other bigger friend had to sit in the front seat so there is more space for rest of us at the back, including me!! I gladly obliged…. 😜 but yeah truth be told I know the struggles in our Asian society especially where everything are made for average or smaller sizes. ☹️