I Am What I Eat

I Am What I Eat

The 2 photos was taken 4 months apart, lost 15 kg (33 lbs) from April to August of 2019. As of today, February 2020 I am at 89 kg (196 lbs), compared to when I was at my heaviest of 126 kg (277 lbs) back in 2017. I am still a work in progress…

For the past year, I have been on a diet and health transformation. The difference has been dramatic and mostly due to what I ate. Portion control, less carbohydrates, more vegetables / fruits, cutting off all snacks / junk foods and learnt to cook and bake my own meals with healthy, less processed ingredients. I did also exercised daily for improved fitness and overall well-being. But 2 years prior I had already slowly lost weight purely from my change in lifestyle and what I ate. Exercise only contributed to a few percentage of weight loss.

For me it’s not about the looks at all, but mental, internal and physical health. Way too many friends around me are getting lifestyle diseases and some had passed away, which triggered me to start this change for the better. I was on medication for hypertension, had fatty liver markers, slip discs surgery with 2 relapses, was easily sick, skin problems, etc… And all these issues improved tremendously ever since I became healthier, lighter, fitter.

My hope was to use myself as an example to encourage others to do the same for their own health sake before it becomes another case of “too little too late”. I want to promote body positivity, not shame the size or shape that we are, as everyone is different. For me had I not need to lose the weight to improve my back problem, I would have rather remained a big guy. But alas, it was a matter of health and statistically obesity is affecting lives and our society economically.

Dr Sten Ekberg’s channel on health

🧐Recently been watching Dr Sten Ekberg’s channel and many of his teachings in health and fitness really align with how I approach my own health, and some points that made me rethink my strategy too! 👍Very enlightening! Adjusting and improving my approach slowly (every 3 months or so) over time. So educating myself as much as I can in health and fitness!


3rd Blood Test Review… mixed results 🤔

Went for my 3rd blood test review this year. It’s a mixed results. Great news my blood pressure is Super good, no need mediation any more. 127/62 every thing else is great no more fatty liver issues no cholesterol issues etc.

😮BUT… due to my extreme diet and also my recent circleDNA testing also had shown I have predisposition to not be able to easily absorb vitamin B12 than normal people, doctor advised me to try go back to eating 2 meals a day (instead of one) maybe within 8 hrs is ok, as for the amount of weight (more than 30% of my base weight) I have lost since 2 years ago It is maybe best for now to maintain at around 90kg and pending future adjustments.

So plan now also is to do weekly B12 injections for next 3 weeks then another blood test to see if it gets better. Otherwise I may have to depend on supplements to boost my B12, D3 and Folate. It is possible that my Low B12 that explains my numbness and stiffness of my fingers and hands since I started this extreme diet. Cause if it become deficient I may get “Pernicious Anemia” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_B12_deficiency_anemia which affects my red blood cells production and cause me to be more tired. So looks like I will be researching the hell out of this condition now… my new medical goal 🧐

So that is why I wanted to seek Dr consultation as I know my extreme dieting will cause unknown issues until I check and know what next course of actions I need to do. Well also means eating more again hahaha well in a healthy way lah… 😋😁

Stay healthy and keep fit everyone😍


😍💪YES!! Just did my 2nd check-in of my body composition measurement at the onboarding program by Active Health (under Active SG)!😄 At Admiralty Medical Centre.


I went from overall 49/100 (unhealthy) score to 60/100 (average) in 3.5 months time (between 16 March to 2 July)! My diet, lifestyle changes and exercises has worked tremendous! Sharmila my fitness specialist she is super happy for me too 👍😊

She explained the various results for me and guided me with proper muscle strength training form and advised how I should approach my exercise now onwards. She wants me to do 2-3 times strength training per week , then rest that particular muscle group for 2 days and so on. Reduce repetitions from 20 to 12. Lessen my resistance band as currently its too much for my training as she can see I am straining and should be sustain slow movement, do squarts without the band for now and watch my form.  But she will get the other specialist to email me for further instructions of how to strengthen my core muscles without straining my spine problem.

So basically in 3.5 months (between 16 March to 2 July) I had achieved:

1. Dropped 12 kg of fat mass.

2. Reduced 6.7% of body fats.

3. Muscle mass also reduced around 1kg but it is relative as my body weight overall dropped also the machine is latest so maybe more accurate now than the previous machine I used.

4. Lost 13 kg in total weight.

5. BMI dropped from 37.9 to 33.

6. Visceral Fats dropped from 20 to 17, yes!!! 

7. Metabolic Rate seemed similar but it’s improvement because it is relative to body weight so I had improved from a deficit of 491 kCal to now deficit of 295 kCal so an improvement of 40% !! But of course still lots of work to do as it’s still not within normal range which at my weight should be (1923 to 2268), my current is way below at 1628. 

So all in all it is definitely an improvement!! GAMBATEI !! 🙏👏😄 Of course still more work to do and continue to improve my strength and muscle mass to increase my metabolic rate as well as reduce my visceral fats to normal range too. Yippie!!! So Happy 😁 

Hope everyone also improve our health and fitness level! Let us all get better quality life👍🤩

For more information on the FREE!  program check out: https://www.myactivesg.com/Active-Health/Spaces/Lab/Appointment 

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Let’s Eat with Teelip #NoShame Eat Like An Animal 😋

“Let’s Eat with Teelip” – my try at a comedy vlog. In this episode, #NoShame Eat like an Animal! Take a tour of my one meal of the day, yeah pretty packed with meat and veg and lots of grilling, pan-frying, steamed, braised, baked, etc…

Retro themed cause it’s a homage to the golden years of my childhood and the looks and feel, brings back memories of recording on VHS tapes and playback.

Cool thing is this Apple Clips app has live voice-to-text translation! Well cause I am not speaking standard English, more like Singlish and pretty fast at times, the translation becomes gibberish and pretty funny too! Did I mention it is a comedy? So I deliberate left it as is and not correct the text, which you can easily do in the app. But pretty nice themes, filters, labels, stickers and emojis you can add like any standard modern vlogging app. #LetsEatWithTeelip #NoShame #AppleClips

My daily weight fluctuations👍

How much weight fluctuations do my daily diet and exercise cause? Here is a one day look, of course it can vary depending on my food intake and activity of the day.

😄Before meal — 94.3 kg

🍲Took my one meal of the day of low carbs, veg and meat and some starch from banana and cake I baked with almond flour.

😋After meal — 95.7 kg (gained 1.4 kg from food intake alone)

🚴‍♀️ 💪After 30min cardio & 30min resistance band muscle workout — 94.9 kg (lost 0.8 kg)

😴 Went to sleep and next day — 94.6 kg (lost 0.3 kg) looks like I gained overall 0.3kg from the day before.

But as my activity and food vary overall I do lose throughout the weeks and months. But I know my fitness and internal health has been improving too that’s for sure as I do blood tests to see the actual improvements and will do doing another set of body composition measurement next week to see how my visceral fats and muscle mass change in the past months since. Stay tuned 👌🙏😍

My daily diet …. I sure eat very well… 🤤

🤷🏻‍♂️People often ask me what is my diet? To cause me to lose over 18 kg in under 148 days. As on average I do lose 0.8-1.5 kg daily. 😍 I do eat pretty well!

All in moderate portion (within one medium sized wooden bowl, I had personally verified with hospital dietitian and the nutrients balanced out well for me in a day).

My own home-cooked one-meal-a-day, and it’s tasty as I like to pack as much flavour in spices (chilli flakes, curry, turmeric, garlic, paprika) with butter or olive / canola oil — lots of veg (broccoli, onion flower stalks, spinach, tomatoes) in miso & calimansi sour broth thickened with sour cream, grilled chicken, pork belly cubes, grouper, mince pork.

And for dessert I baked Hong Kong egg custard tart, topped with chocolate ganache (dark chocolate with soy milk and agar agar and stevia sweetener). With banana or apricot as sides or as night snack with almond or walnut if I am hungry.

After a meal typically I gain 1.2-1.5 kg but daily I do my 1 hour (30min cardio and 30min muscle) exercise too.

So it all worked out. Health and fitness, but yes I need to continue to work on my other aspects like reduce screen time (but my work is online so kindda tough) and get good restful 7-8hrs sleep.

So still on my way to weight loss but I MUST emphasis that is only a fraction of the equation to health, you have to track your progress through Dr consultation, blood tests and body composition measurements which I had been doing regularly and has positive upward trend results!

Again to each his/her own, you must find the diet and lifestyle changes and exercise that you can keep to it and make a good habit of. Doesn’t matter what diet plan but you have to test it and see if it works over months, with Dr advise and check ups! I took 2yrs plus to slowly get rid of my bad habits and only in past 148 days that I am on this more extreme one meal a day and daily exercise with my own home cooked food so I can control what goes into my diet without all the unnecessary additives and processed food in outside food. PLUS cutting out the starchy, junk, fast food and such. Overall I do save my health and $$ too in the long run!

Looking back this is Day 1 – I can only sustain 4/8 resistance and for 15 minutes only, I was already panting very hard.

While this is today Day 148, 8/8 max resistance and not panting sometimes short of breadth as I pushed myself much higher and faster.

Stay healthy and fit everyone!🙏😄

My diet plan and lifestyle changes akin to this guy, who is more extreme.

Interesting this video reflects what I am doing!! Except of course I cannot burn as much calories as he is (maybe someday), so my one meal of the day is more moderate, not monstrous like his! It is true also that you must cook your own meal to ensure low carbs, healthy fats and lots of vegetables in the meal you are eating. Balancing the micro / macro nutrients intake.

I can testify that this method of long intermittent fasting works for me, and I can still enjoy the foods you eat and joy of making them! Of course I exercised too!
Also to do regular medical checks to make sure I am getting proper micro / macro nutrients and track my internal, mental and physical health.

I failed with other diets and health supplements that didn’t work for me in the past 20-30 years of my life since young.
BUT the dramatic change for me is the will power and determination due to emotional triggers of friends who had passed away from medical illness.

The follow reasons (in no particular order) must be considered, otherwise it is likely you will fail at this particular diet plan:

  1. Social eating — this is what most people do with work colleagues or family, the gathering together to communicate over meal. So eating one giant meal and cooking, makes it hard. BUT then, you could still meet and drink healthy tea no sugar, and communicate too. It’s cultural and hard to change as you get affected by people around you, as I did. So ever since I changed, I brought my own home-cooked food to eat with my friends during my one meal which is around lunch hour, so not midnight just before sleep like what Blake did. Maybe his method is more efficient, might try in the future.
  2. Cook your own meal — In order to control what goes into your food and thus consume the best nutrition rich meal per day. But I get it, in the past my work spanned long hours and overtime, etc. So by the time I get back home, I am tired to cook, or even exercise. Thus ever since my personal sabbatical, I can afford the time and cultivate a consistent good habit and learn to cook and bake which is lots of fun, experimenting with new ingredients and techniques all the time! So never a dull moment, but yes it takes time and energy to cook and clean up too (but see that as exercise! And part of the good habit to keep things neat and tidy.)
  3. Food choices — choose low carbs, low sugar, high in healthy fats (olive, salmon, avocado, etc) version of ingredients, sometimes they tend to me more expensive (well at least in Singapore). But also reduce process food, as they tend to have other chemicals to enhance flavour, extend shelf-life for sale as it is food industry’s way to maximise profit, but unfortunately at the expense of consumers’ health. It can be cheaper for consumer, but what you save in money now, you might pay back later in health. So not worth it in the long term to ignore your intake of healthy food.
  4. Exercise / workout — to burn all your calories, and have healthy physical body. Increase muscle mass to help also increase your metabolic rate which in turn helps burn even more excess calories easily, plus your muscles will help support your body which is aging and deteriorating too. Helps reduce visceral fats (fats surrounding your internal organs which you cannot see, it’s not the skin fats which makes you look big or lean in shape), and excess visceral fats has linked to diabetes and other illness too. So you can look lean, with high percentage of visceral fats and be unhealthy inside (check out this video: https://youtu.be/aGuED1JczbI ). That is why SUMO wrestler is healthy internally but still has huge amount of subcutaneous (skin) fats and big strong muscles. So to help find out your visceral fats for FREE!! Singaporeans can attend the free session to measure your body composition here: https://www.myactivesg.com/Active-Health/Spaces/Lab/Appointment , seriously our government is helping citizens so much, health wise, and I am not saying this to be patriotic! After all we are the only main resources Singapore has!
  5. Will power — as mentioned earlier, you need a motivational factor, for me it is emotional and enough to trigger me to change, a change in lifestyle and mindset towards my health and how I manage my life around it. YOU MUST WANT IT, no one can force you to do it. Period.
  6. Food addiction — many people’s worse enemy, I too battle to control my need to feast and love of food. So with the diet, I get to control what i eat and cook what I love and learn new things to cook, in a way it curbs my addiction, and what leads to it? HIGH CARBS & SUGAR, and its the sweet sugary and starchy food that cause me to want to eat even more, spike my insulin levels and makes me hungry sooner and wanting more and more! So I choose low glycemic index alternatives, like brown rice, etc. but in much smaller portion.
  7. Moderation — too much of good thing is also bad. Everything in moderation, which is so true and sadly I only learned it after all these years. Well that is why everyone need to understand your own amount that you should take and not in excess. Everyone is different in body type and genetics, etc.

There are of course other external, social, financial factors too. But do what works for you, and adjust over time to find a method that works for you. If you start baby steps of change and cultivate good habits over time, it can happen, cause it did for me!