Oh didn’t know I can control (a bit) of my pecs… 😜

HAHA 😂 Wow I didn’t know I can control my pecs a bit… learnt it from Terry Crews who is master of bouncing pecs! 💪💪

He said it on AGT just simply squeeze your arm in. Oh didn’t know it’s that simple. But I think I still haven’t got to control it individually without my shoulder and arm moving slightly still. Haha still no muscle definition obviously but yeah also realise my left pecs is stronger and I can control better than my right one. Anyway just fun silly stuff… move along 😜

Let’s Eat with Teelip #NoShame Eat Like An Animal 😋

“Let’s Eat with Teelip” – my try at a comedy vlog. In this episode, #NoShame Eat like an Animal! Take a tour of my one meal of the day, yeah pretty packed with meat and veg and lots of grilling, pan-frying, steamed, braised, baked, etc…

Retro themed cause it’s a homage to the golden years of my childhood and the looks and feel, brings back memories of recording on VHS tapes and playback.

Cool thing is this Apple Clips app has live voice-to-text translation! Well cause I am not speaking standard English, more like Singlish and pretty fast at times, the translation becomes gibberish and pretty funny too! Did I mention it is a comedy? So I deliberate left it as is and not correct the text, which you can easily do in the app. But pretty nice themes, filters, labels, stickers and emojis you can add like any standard modern vlogging app. #LetsEatWithTeelip #NoShame #AppleClips