Oh I knew how that felt like…😜

Well I knew how that feels…and now looking through the other side of the mirror… damn !! 😝

The other day I feel weird suddenly when I sat in my friend car and was told to sit behind cause the other bigger friend had to sit in the front seat so there is more space for rest of us at the back, including me!! I gladly obliged…. 😜 but yeah truth be told I know the struggles in our Asian society especially where everything are made for average or smaller sizes. ☹️

😄Don’t waste your health, do it when you are still younger…🙏

https://www.facebook.com/741971088/posts/10156552813606089?s=741971088&sfns=mo 🙏Hope in 20+ years later I will age gracefully… It all starts now when you are still younger, forming a good lifestyle, holistic, internal, mental and physical too!💪 Life is too short to waste it in poor health, as you amass wealth and experiences it’s also time to be wise about what you put your body through 😄

I want to be able to face my future self and not regret. Thank you to my past for who I am today, learnt from my mistakes and prepare for the future. Cause it’s what you cultivate now that will eventually blossom and flourish into the strong tree of tomorrow.🧐

😜My future old me… happily healthy and ageing gracefully…

😜Let’s fast forward 40+ years into the future… when fancy looking spectacles are magically molded onto my face (cause I’m old school 😆) and I am a semi-senile and joyful old man … as I sing song of yesteryears… LOL 😂 still happily healthy and ageing gracefully👍

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