Oh I knew how that felt like…😜

Well I knew how that feels…and now looking through the other side of the mirror… damn !! 😝

The other day I feel weird suddenly when I sat in my friend car and was told to sit behind cause the other bigger friend had to sit in the front seat so there is more space for rest of us at the back, including me!! I gladly obliged…. 😜 but yeah truth be told I know the struggles in our Asian society especially where everything are made for average or smaller sizes. ☹️

Oh didn’t know I can control (a bit) of my pecs… 😜

HAHA 😂 Wow I didn’t know I can control my pecs a bit… learnt it from Terry Crews who is master of bouncing pecs! 💪💪

He said it on AGT just simply squeeze your arm in. Oh didn’t know it’s that simple. But I think I still haven’t got to control it individually without my shoulder and arm moving slightly still. Haha still no muscle definition obviously but yeah also realise my left pecs is stronger and I can control better than my right one. Anyway just fun silly stuff… move along 😜