DAY 296🚴🏻‍♂️of FUN-xercise! 💪 DAY 165 muscles workout.

DAY 296🚴🏻‍♂️of FUN-xercise! 💪 DAY 165 muscles workout.

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My 16 exercises

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Summary of my health transformation:

DAY 217 🚴🏻‍♂️of FUN-xercise! 😄corn bread. KFC faux-meat nugget. Amazon fires💪 DAY 86 legs muscle workout

DAY 217 🚴🏻‍♂️of FUN-xercise! 😄corn bread. KFC faux-meat nugget. Amazon fires💪 DAY 86 legs muscle workout.

My FUN-xercise workout music playlist on Spotify!

Check out my updates about my health and life progress at 👍
Summary of my health transformation:

  • Been a fat kid since young until mandatory conscripted national service in 1998
  • 2001, After my military service (which I had lost from 98 kg to 74 kg), went into university then 2005 work life, started gaining back all the weight and more.
  • Had skin problems, pre-hypertensive, stress related vertigo, fell sick often, easily and weeks to recover.
  • 2007, had spinal surgery for 2x slip discs (L4/L5 & L5/S1) region.
  • 2 slip discs relapse of inflammation on 2012 & 2018.
  • 2017 – 126kg, that year I was on Chinese vegetarian diet and ate way too much carbs and mock meat.
  • Decided to change diet, reduce eating rice/noodle/bread/pasta, and slowly only eating 2 meals a day.
  • 2019 Jan – 113kg, lost over 13 kg in past 2 years
  • For next 7 months on Low carbs and Low sugar diet
  • Learn to cook and bake my own meals with healthier ingredients
  • Eating only one meal a day
  • Started 1 hr exercising Everyday, 30min cardio (120-130bpm) and 30 min muscle strength training
  • 2019 Aug – 90kg, for past 7 months lost over 23 kg.
  • Blood test and body composition measurements, all improved. Lowered visceral fats, maintained muscle mass, improved metabolic rate.
  • Stopped medication for pre-hypertension and my fatty liver markers also gone.
  • My hormone imbalance, folliculitis, skin boils and swollen lymph nodes, neck dark ring (acanthosis nigrican) skin condition also greatly improved.
  • Felt lighter, more alert, more creative and productive.
  • Though if I can remain big in size and still have strong spine and good health I rather be the size cause it’s not about how I look. But unfortunately my body could not sustain the weight which impacts my spine, hence I need to lose the weight and build my muscles and strengthen my core to help support my spine. If I can perhaps be big built in muscles someday.

😮Trolley as makeshift abs slider! 💪

DAY 165 🚴🏻‍♂️of FUN-xercise! 😋made chocolate cookies tart 💪 DAY 34 of abs muscle workout

Using the trolley as a makeshift abdomen slider device! Haha it works!

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😍💪YES!! Just did my 2nd check-in of my body composition measurement at the onboarding program by Active Health (under Active SG)!😄 At Admiralty Medical Centre.


I went from overall 49/100 (unhealthy) score to 60/100 (average) in 3.5 months time (between 16 March to 2 July)! My diet, lifestyle changes and exercises has worked tremendous! Sharmila my fitness specialist she is super happy for me too 👍😊

She explained the various results for me and guided me with proper muscle strength training form and advised how I should approach my exercise now onwards. She wants me to do 2-3 times strength training per week , then rest that particular muscle group for 2 days and so on. Reduce repetitions from 20 to 12. Lessen my resistance band as currently its too much for my training as she can see I am straining and should be sustain slow movement, do squarts without the band for now and watch my form.  But she will get the other specialist to email me for further instructions of how to strengthen my core muscles without straining my spine problem.

So basically in 3.5 months (between 16 March to 2 July) I had achieved:

1. Dropped 12 kg of fat mass.

2. Reduced 6.7% of body fats.

3. Muscle mass also reduced around 1kg but it is relative as my body weight overall dropped also the machine is latest so maybe more accurate now than the previous machine I used.

4. Lost 13 kg in total weight.

5. BMI dropped from 37.9 to 33.

6. Visceral Fats dropped from 20 to 17, yes!!! 

7. Metabolic Rate seemed similar but it’s improvement because it is relative to body weight so I had improved from a deficit of 491 kCal to now deficit of 295 kCal so an improvement of 40% !! But of course still lots of work to do as it’s still not within normal range which at my weight should be (1923 to 2268), my current is way below at 1628. 

So all in all it is definitely an improvement!! GAMBATEI !! 🙏👏😄 Of course still more work to do and continue to improve my strength and muscle mass to increase my metabolic rate as well as reduce my visceral fats to normal range too. Yippie!!! So Happy 😁 

Hope everyone also improve our health and fitness level! Let us all get better quality life👍🤩

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My daily weight fluctuations👍

How much weight fluctuations do my daily diet and exercise cause? Here is a one day look, of course it can vary depending on my food intake and activity of the day.

😄Before meal — 94.3 kg

🍲Took my one meal of the day of low carbs, veg and meat and some starch from banana and cake I baked with almond flour.

😋After meal — 95.7 kg (gained 1.4 kg from food intake alone)

🚴‍♀️ 💪After 30min cardio & 30min resistance band muscle workout — 94.9 kg (lost 0.8 kg)

😴 Went to sleep and next day — 94.6 kg (lost 0.3 kg) looks like I gained overall 0.3kg from the day before.

But as my activity and food vary overall I do lose throughout the weeks and months. But I know my fitness and internal health has been improving too that’s for sure as I do blood tests to see the actual improvements and will do doing another set of body composition measurement next week to see how my visceral fats and muscle mass change in the past months since. Stay tuned 👌🙏😍