👍YES!! Great health result this 2020😍

Today went for my medical review with my Endocrine Doctor about my blood test result and it’s GREAT! 😍

🙏Everything is in normal range including my vitamin B12, Folate, full blood count, Blood Pressure. Plus last Friday had 4 Medical Appointments around TTSH:

  • Skin centre viral vaccination $190 – finish my 3rd jab to prevent some skin viral infection i had.
  • Blood test 7 tubes (Vit D/B12/folate, IFA, PTH, Zinc, Full blood count) $113.85 – YES ALL NORMAL !👍 though my vitamin B12 seems lower than 3 months ago when I had the B12 booster jabs so advised to continue my current diet and see next 3 months later if it is in a downward trend cause if so then very likely no choice I do need to be out in supplements to keep my B12 level up. Again my DNA test months ago did show that my body has more difficulty in absorbs B12 than normal people. Today’s Dr consultation is only $5.40 (Medisave claimed). I did also request in the next blood test I wanted to check my fatty liver too with ultrasound which was last done in 2017, so about time to check how it really improved for sure.
  • Physiotherapist $23.35 – Advised on my form and how I should do my squats and lunges to reduce issue to my right knee meniscus tear, ligament issue. Also was advised to seek appointment for Occupational Physiotherapist for aches and slight pain on my recent left ring finger and right ring finger knuckle. So my Endocrine Doctor helped me referral to Orthopedics for my finger issue.
  • Dietian $24 – was advised to eat more carbs to improve my nutrition and less meat. But ok to continue my portion and 2 meals a day I have been doing.
  • Some are at subsidized rate… but yeah medical is not cheap and I don’t have insurance coverage for such costs. Singapore is not cheap but still it’s somewhat subsidized and I could dip into my medisave at times too. So actually not as bad as some other countries.
  • Next… body composition measurement and discussion with my fitness instructor from ActiveSG, and also fixed a dental appointment at TTSH, for normal checks it’s been a while…

✌️So #StayHealthy everyone! Do your regular checks, especially if you are on a different diet and exercise regime to track your progress💪

Intermittent fasting helps…

This is one of the channel I learn from too : https://youtu.be/vhmtoAYVRSo

I have been intermittent fasting so that’s why it helps me in adjusting and help me in reducing ailments and losing weight too.

More sciences have shown fasting helps but of course you must also balance with how much and what you eat, when you eating. No point fasting and then meal time you over eat and eat all the terrible unhealthy ingredients 😂

Dr Sten Ekberg’s channel on health

🧐Recently been watching Dr Sten Ekberg’s channel and many of his teachings in health and fitness really align with how I approach my own health, and some points that made me rethink my strategy too! 👍Very enlightening! Adjusting and improving my approach slowly (every 3 months or so) over time. So educating myself as much as I can in health and fitness!


DAY 296🚴🏻‍♂️of FUN-xercise! 💪 DAY 165 muscles workout.

DAY 296🚴🏻‍♂️of FUN-xercise! 💪 DAY 165 muscles workout.


Great British bake off season 10 and junior.
Hair treatment brush oil, the works how?
11.11 sales ending…
Singapore fashion on the rise…

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Summary of my health transformation:

3rd Blood Test Review… mixed results 🤔

Went for my 3rd blood test review this year. It’s a mixed results. Great news my blood pressure is Super good, no need mediation any more. 127/62 every thing else is great no more fatty liver issues no cholesterol issues etc.

😮BUT… due to my extreme diet and also my recent circleDNA testing also had shown I have predisposition to not be able to easily absorb vitamin B12 than normal people, doctor advised me to try go back to eating 2 meals a day (instead of one) maybe within 8 hrs is ok, as for the amount of weight (more than 30% of my base weight) I have lost since 2 years ago It is maybe best for now to maintain at around 90kg and pending future adjustments.

So plan now also is to do weekly B12 injections for next 3 weeks then another blood test to see if it gets better. Otherwise I may have to depend on supplements to boost my B12, D3 and Folate. It is possible that my Low B12 that explains my numbness and stiffness of my fingers and hands since I started this extreme diet. Cause if it become deficient I may get “Pernicious Anemia” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_B12_deficiency_anemia which affects my red blood cells production and cause me to be more tired. So looks like I will be researching the hell out of this condition now… my new medical goal 🧐

So that is why I wanted to seek Dr consultation as I know my extreme dieting will cause unknown issues until I check and know what next course of actions I need to do. Well also means eating more again hahaha well in a healthy way lah… 😋😁

Stay healthy and keep fit everyone😍

Oh I knew how that felt like…😜

Well I knew how that feels…and now looking through the other side of the mirror… damn !! 😝

The other day I feel weird suddenly when I sat in my friend car and was told to sit behind cause the other bigger friend had to sit in the front seat so there is more space for rest of us at the back, including me!! I gladly obliged…. 😜 but yeah truth be told I know the struggles in our Asian society especially where everything are made for average or smaller sizes. ☹️

Oh didn’t know I can control (a bit) of my pecs… 😜

HAHA 😂 Wow I didn’t know I can control my pecs a bit… learnt it from Terry Crews who is master of bouncing pecs! 💪💪

He said it on AGT just simply squeeze your arm in. Oh didn’t know it’s that simple. But I think I still haven’t got to control it individually without my shoulder and arm moving slightly still. Haha still no muscle definition obviously but yeah also realise my left pecs is stronger and I can control better than my right one. Anyway just fun silly stuff… move along 😜

DAY 217 🚴🏻‍♂️of FUN-xercise! 😄corn bread. KFC faux-meat nugget. Amazon fires💪 DAY 86 legs muscle workout

DAY 217 🚴🏻‍♂️of FUN-xercise! 😄corn bread. KFC faux-meat nugget. Amazon fires💪 DAY 86 legs muscle workout.

My FUN-xercise workout music playlist on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0ctmUOqHtCotPwYkpI1f4j?si=obfGAxdxS9CsZ0WmMogZDw

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Summary of my health transformation:

  • Been a fat kid since young until mandatory conscripted national service in 1998
  • 2001, After my military service (which I had lost from 98 kg to 74 kg), went into university then 2005 work life, started gaining back all the weight and more.
  • Had skin problems, pre-hypertensive, stress related vertigo, fell sick often, easily and weeks to recover.
  • 2007, had spinal surgery for 2x slip discs (L4/L5 & L5/S1) region.
  • 2 slip discs relapse of inflammation on 2012 & 2018.
  • 2017 – 126kg, that year I was on Chinese vegetarian diet and ate way too much carbs and mock meat.
  • Decided to change diet, reduce eating rice/noodle/bread/pasta, and slowly only eating 2 meals a day.
  • 2019 Jan – 113kg, lost over 13 kg in past 2 years
  • For next 7 months on Low carbs and Low sugar diet
  • Learn to cook and bake my own meals with healthier ingredients
  • Eating only one meal a day
  • Started 1 hr exercising Everyday, 30min cardio (120-130bpm) and 30 min muscle strength training
  • 2019 Aug – 90kg, for past 7 months lost over 23 kg.
  • Blood test and body composition measurements, all improved. Lowered visceral fats, maintained muscle mass, improved metabolic rate.
  • Stopped medication for pre-hypertension and my fatty liver markers also gone.
  • My hormone imbalance, folliculitis, skin boils and swollen lymph nodes, neck dark ring (acanthosis nigrican) skin condition also greatly improved.
  • Felt lighter, more alert, more creative and productive.
  • Though if I can remain big in size and still have strong spine and good health I rather be the size cause it’s not about how I look. But unfortunately my body could not sustain the weight which impacts my spine, hence I need to lose the weight and build my muscles and strengthen my core to help support my spine. If I can perhaps be big built in muscles someday.

😄I’m losin’ it! Lost 23+kg in 7 months…

😄I’m Losin’ it!! Yeah!! Now 90kg and had lost over 23+kg in 7 months since January I was 113+kg till now August 2019. 😃

🤔Of course weight is just one of the benchmark of health, importantly i’m still eating healthy, getting sufficient rest, exercising and maintaining muscle mass. Will continue to do health checks and track my progress! 😍

🙏Thank you everyone for your support and hope I too will encourage and inspire y’all to stay healthy just like what others have done for me through their own health journey! Passing it forward! 👍😄

🙏Blessed to eat this King of Fruits — Mao Shan Wang (Musang) durians!!😋

😜Before you puke and be judgmental about durians. Food is subjective. In my part of South East Asia durians is a delicacy akin to Italian Blue Cheese which in this part of the world would find it pungent! But as all things in life it’s about habit and familiarity. I grew up exposed to my grandma’s farm and been eating durians so we can discern the taste and gotten used to the pungent smell. And likewise when I grew up I had exposed to cheese cause of Italian foods and blue cheese in particular I tried and actually loved it, and when I was in university and did my internship, the company is literally above a pub which serves blue cheese fondue so you can imagine the strength of that smell everyday!! But I am blessed to be exposed to all these flavours of life!! I do find smelly toufu of Taiwan to be off putting but I tried it and it’s not that bad actually, just because I am not used to it’s “stinkiness” LOL 😂

Now onto my main topic: DURIANS!

Not to boast or anything, but wanna share my blessings … 😄

It’s an exclusive Mao Shan Wang 猫山王(aka Musang) durains!! From my Malaysia friend’s sister’s in-laws who has their own personal durian tree in Malaysia!! And he managed to package it to bring it to SG to give all to me!!!! So so blessed!! OMG 😮 so custard sweet slight bitter and Super fragrant!!! I’m gushing now!!! 😋 Frankly in the past I had only mostly D24, so can’t remember how Mao Shan Wang durians taste like, so thankful I have chance to taste it for free! So so blessed👍😊

For obvious reasons I am not naming my Friend here as he is humble and also I respect his privacy. 🙏But again thank you to him and his sister and her in-laws for making this happen!!! 😍

OMG 😮 I ate 6 seeds today (normally in the past I easily will devour over 20 seeds), but I am on my new lifestyle diet change so I am mindful not to over indulge. Well there goes today’s calories count, burst it more than 300+ 😜, anyway it’s not Everyday so it’s ok and I moderate it with not eating other desserts that I made. Durian is seasonal and hard to come by especially this very special occasion. So it’s ok to indulge a little since I had paid off with my own hard work and lost over 20kg and became healthier too. But no excuse! I am still continuing my habit of healthy lifestyle and I hope all of you do too! 😉


If you want to find out more about common Durain varieties and difference in taste you can read a mini guide here: https://guide.michelin.com/sg/en/article/features/guide-to-durian-know-the-difference-between-mao-shan-wang-and-d24#

Let’s get to know some more common durian types and how to open them: https://youtu.be/Rvw3pnCcCJg

And a short video about a particular durian farmer and his operations: https://youtu.be/bFWC1tvL7pE

Most of us never thought much about the nutrition values of durains (Gosh per average seed of around 40g there is 54 calories!!) but it is rich in nutrients and helps lower cholesterol ! I didn’t know that!! Check out this: https://www.healthxchange.sg/food-nutrition/food-tips/durian-myths-facts-king-fruits

There are roughly 30 recognised types of durians (I think I only ate before 3 types… hehe yah my durain palate actually very shallow) but around 500 named varieties in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia combined!! WHAT !!!! 😱

Find out more about this fascinating king of fruits in Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durian